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How far we want to go in life or with work, will determine how much work we need to put in.

Everyone must not be extremely disciplined BECAUSE not everyone desires the kind of results that extreme discipline breeds.

Some people are okay with trivia results and barely surviving.

To some people, having a job, putting food on the table and being able to pay the community monthly dues… Is all they dream about.

Some people are not cut out for global mission or a vision beyond their immediate locality.

Whether it’s in ministry, business or academia, we can only go as far as we see and depending on how much we want to be of service to humanity.

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A man whose mission is to build a small ministry that prepares a couple of his members for the second coming… Will not go as far as a man who wants to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth would.

There’s a sense of urgency that’s bred by uncommon visions.

There’s a level of dedication and work ethics that’s evident when one’s desires go beyond basics, ethnicity, regional politics, micro domination…

So they may not be as careful, as motivated, as dedicated or as prayerful as you are.

And that’s okay for them.

But it’s not okay for you.

Your fight is different.

You cannot achieve a global feat with the same carelessness, laziness and nepotistic inclinations that characterizes mediocre and local champions.

Our fights are different.

If Jesus had 65 years to live… Maybe he could have married.

But when a man has a short time to live, he chooses his struggles and focus with greater sense of care.

It’s not so much a matter of whether or not marriage is important, it’s a matter of who I am and what necessities are designed for me to be who I am destined to be.

Some people are building 2 storey bungalow, some others are building skyscrapers.

We’re both BUILDING but…

Our materials are different.

Our depth are different.

Our expected skill sets are different.

Our levels of dedication and masteries are different.

Our level of work, expected measures, anticipated excellence are different.

We can’t compare.

Focus on your lane.

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