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When it comes to communication, my #1 role model is Bishop TD Jakes.

He’s a man of uncommon eloquence bridled with provocative wisdom.

His charisma is equal to none and his flexibility, actually, his ‘fluidity’ with words is something that’s almost magical.

He’s often so lost in his message you could literally feel the entire message by watching his gestures or drama on stage.

The Bishop is one of the few men whom I’ve seen to turn the supposedly superstitious spiritual subjects into concrete ‘earth-worthy’ discussions.

He makes the pulpit so relevant it almost doesn’t feel like “church”

You could, under his message, interact with the scriptures and the God of the scriptures in ways that makes it more meaningful for everyday living.

Other preachers often make the Bible sound like history books, unfortunately written by some angry God up there in heaven looking for who to blame, nab and entrust into the dreaded lake of fire.

Bishop TD Jakes talks about bible characters in a way you’d quickly find how much you share in common with these characters who you may have often ridiculed.

He’s never allowed the seriousness of the message to kill his sense of humor.

The Bishop can drive you from humor to tears. You could be laughing, screaming, thinking or running to the alter seeking for a deeper relationship with God.

Such a man.

Such a wisdom.

Such an uncanny mastery of words.

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