Would You Like To Become A Trained And Certified Trainer Who Travels Round The World Touching Lives And Making Money?

Are You Ready To Go From Just Being Good To Getting More Clients And Earning More Money In The Next 90 Days Working As A Speaker, Trainer Or Coach?

We are talking about

The most comprehensive, self-paced, indigenous and easy to use learning platform for budding trainers, coaches and speakers in Africa.

The most affordable training and certificate program for corporate trainers, motivational speakers, consultants and coaches in Africa.

Today, it’s very easy to groom yourself as a speaker, trainer, coach or consultant and get people and companies begging you to come and speak for a fee. The training, speaking and consulting business in Africa is a billion dollar industry. When done right, it could help anyone to create a life of success, impact and financial independence.

But If The Speaking & Training Industry is A Billion Dollar Industry Why Aren’t Many Speakers Making Money?

I’ve been a professional trainer for many years now so let me show you the reasons why some speakers and trainers in Africa are not making a dime:

What Would A Good Mentoring And Learning Program For Africa’s Budding Professionals Look Like?


Training the trainers is an audio learning platform designed to help you understand the business of training, coaching and speaking so that you can excel in Africa.

Who is this for:

  • Those who have passion to speak on stage, and make positive impact and money using their oratory skills.
  • Those who want to go into coaching and training business but have no idea how to go about it.
  • Those who want to be properly mentored and equipped with the right information for success as a consultant, speaker, coach or trainer in Africa.
  • Those who are looking forward to pursuing a career in professional speaking or coaching.
  • Generally, this program is designed for budding speakers, coaches, trainers and consultants looking to make it big in Africa.

A walk through the entire program -- WHAT YOU WILL LEARN in this program

The programs are taken on monthly basis. Each month contains audio seminars and other resources (books, reports, workbooks) etc. to last you for the whole month.



  • Introduction To The Program – getting a firm grip of what this is really about.
  • The Billion Dollar Potentials And Opportunities in training in Africa.
  • The Business Challenge that threatens training as a sustainable business model in Africa #1 And my solution.
  • The Business Challenge that threatens training as a sustainable business model in Africa #2 And my solution.
  • The Business Challenge that threatens training as a sustainable business model in Africa #3 And my solution.
  • How To Stand Out From An Overcrowded Marketplace (book/report –PDF) – What you need to do to step up your game very fast.
  • 12 Side Businesses You Can Start As A Trainer or Coach – so you don’t get stuck or broke while pursuing your passion.
  • How to turn your book into a course (PDF)



  • Important Facts To Get You Started – Let The Facts Speak For Themselves About The Potentials Of The Training Industry.
  • Questions And Answers – A Few Cogent Questions I Usually Receive And My Answers.
  • How To Attract Or Get New Clients For Your Coaching.
  • How To Design A Signature Program – A Signature Program Is Your Propriety Program For Helping People And Getting Paid.
  • How To Design An Inventory Program For Training – An Inventory Program Is A Program You Use To Easily Convert Strangers Into Clients. 
  • How To Start Your Training Business In Africa —  My Step By Step Process For Complete Beginners.
  • How To Train People For Better Results – Because People Pay For Results Not Just Training.
  • Corporate Training Niches — how to move into corporate training. (PDF)



  • CASE STUDY: How I went from charging N14,000 for a 30 days session to N60,000 (for 2 days session instead of 30 days).
  • SELLING FROM STAGE — How to sell while making a presentation on stage.
  • How to start charging more money as a professional service provider in Nigeria: 4 critical things that need to be in place from my experience.
  • ON PRICING: what you need to know to get it right. How to use pricing effectively.
  • How to CREATE PREMIUM OFFERS that people are willing to pay 3-10x more money for even though there are similar stuffs in the marketplace.
  • HOW TO SELL INTANGIBLE VALUE without being pushy, salesy or arrogant.
  • HOW TO STOP LOSING SERIOUS MONEY by avoiding 5 major mistakes most African experts are making today.


TRAINING THE AFRICAN TRAINERS ONLINE COURSE is a monthly subscription based audio program. You subscribe for the first month, and we send you details on how to access the course for that month. Then every month for the next 2 months the system will automatically renew your payment so you will continue to get access into our resources. You can also cancel your subscription at any time without any huddles. If you cancel subscription, you will still be able to access the month(s) you subscribed for but unable to access the month(s) you haven’t subscribe for. But you cannot apply for our certificate (which is free) unless you completed your 3 months program.


Experts and teachers from all industries either pay top dollar to train FIRST or dive straight into the seminar business and brace for the speed bumps.

It’s not uncommon for people to pay to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars to perfect their craft.

Because think about it: if you invest $2,000 in your training to become a bestselling speaker, trainer or coach – you could literally be earning over $12,000 annually and more for the rest of your life.

It’s a onetime investment with a lifetime benefit of wealth and happiness.

Since this program is designed for Africans, we do our best to subsidize it so that those who are passionate about getting into the industry can easily take the course.

So we are not selling this program for $2000.

The program will sell for a subsidized amount of N11,000 (Just $30)

But there’s a catch…

For the first 200 people to apply for this program, we are giving a whooping N7,010 discount. That means instead of paying 11,000 per month, you only pay N3,999 (Three Thousand Nine Hundred And Ninety Nine Naira) – or $11.

So with an investment of red $11 or N3,999 monthly, you will have access to our programs and all the resources that come with them. Plus, you can also get the Bronze Trainer Certificate from Fordax Training Academy when you complete your 3 months online training.  

This means in the next 90 days, you will be well on your way to:

  1. Becoming a well-educated and equipped trainer, speaker and consultant.
  2. Earning your first 5-7 figure income as someone who brings value to organizations and people.
  3. You will no longer be confused with too much information. You’ll be clear on how to accomplish your dreams.
  4. You will have access to many years of depth and ideas that can totally change your life and career for good.
  5. You will be so glad you’re finally living your dreams – traveling around the world, making impact and making money.

N3,999 | $11

And there’s something more If You Register This Week, You Will Also Get The Following Audio Programs As A Bonus:

  • How to start out as a public speaker in Africa.
  • Why You Should Speak
  • The 7 Careers In Public Speaking
  • How Public Speakers Make Money
  • 3 Routes To Charging To Speak
  • How Can I Get People To Invite Me To Speak?
  • 3 Ways to earn more money as a speaker.

The question really is — are you willing to change your life with just N133? Or will you ignore this, wake up 5 years from today and wish you had taken the offer?


How much value do you place on your success?