Revolutionary ideas for millennial celebrities

for Models & upcoming celebrities…

You’re a star, but still struggling.

Sometimes you wish you could just get away from the spotlights and talk about the private things that really bother you –

Like how you still get nervous when you’re asked to speak on stage, how you forget the things you want to say (still concerned that you’re a stutter?)… How you’re so scared of disgracing yourself on stage one day. You’ve been hiding… but, for how long?


How you really want to take control of your life — build self-confidence, improve your ability to communicate with clarity and power. You’d love to refine yourself into a more charismatic, charming and highly influential personality. You want to be able to hold the crowed spell bound while you’re on stage or on camera. Plus, you want to be able to market and sell your ideas or products across media. So you can turn your skills into money and truly live your dreams.

Does this sound like you?

If your answer is YES... Get ready to join The Starz -- A Public speaking & career success program for models and upcoming celebrities.


Poise, Presence And Power.

Presentation skills. 

Personal branding.

Pitching/Sales Skills.

Interview skills.

Business Skills.

Leadership & Social Skills.

18+ only

Because of the sensitive nature of our programs, those under 18 years of age are not allowed to attend. Please do not apply if you’re less than 18 years old.