Do you want to speak with increased confidence, irresistible influence and charisma?

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The fastest way to turn yourself into an influential and respected person in your industry is to hone your communication skill. It will help you to master your fears, beautify your personal aura, and make meaningful social connections. You will be able to stand and sell your ideas with greater power and influence.


I learned a lot of practical skills on public speaking, presentation and sales. We were given presentations to deliver and we received valuable feedback from DrMiki as he addressed our individual shortcomings.

Tochukwu Anugwa


Electrical Engineer

About The Workshop

The Confident Speakers Workshop is a 2 days intensive public speaking and presentation training for leaders, entrepreneurs and business executives looking to sharpen their presentation skills for business and career success.  

This program is designed to help participants to master the art of influence through effective communication and social skills. The program covers 5 executive courses under public speaking, human psychology, and social influence. 

Who's This for?

  • If from time to time you're required to deliver presentations at work, school or in your field of expertise.
  • You want to upgrade your presentation skills for personal, professional or career purposes.
  • If you still feel nervous when you stand in front of an audience to speak.
  • If you want to be able to prepare and deliver persuasive presentations with clarity, power and influence.
  • If you want to strengthen your leadership skills or you're moving into a new level (department) of leadership that requires communication skills.
Jennifer turner DrMiki

Stephen Michael has excellent experience in the field of Public Speaking and has shown strong knowledge and skill in this area... He is very competent and has helped me tremendously.

Jennifer Turner


Business Consultant

What You Stand To Gain?

  • You will overcome stage fright, build self-confidence, and become a powerful presenter. We’ve had these results consistently for the past 8 years.
  • You'll be able to sell your ideas or products persuasively. Your ability to convince people to buy from you will increase... Even if you're an introvert.
  • You'll be able to easily and quickly prepare and deliver presentations that get standing ovation anywhere.

This is one program you need...

The Confident Speakers Workshop is 2 days, highly intensive coaching program with a small number of people to help them overcome stage fright, build self-confidence and master the art of persuasive presentations. This program holds once in every month in the city of Lagos.

Apply to join the workshop for any of the coming months.

What's included in this package?

  • 2 Days live training. In these two says we'll cover 5 courses in the workshop. These courses are efficiently designed to prepare you for greater performance in your next presentation.
  • Live Practice, audit & professional feedback. All participants will be given time to prepare and deliver presentations and also get feedback from fellow participants and our experienced facilitators. This is to help you master the skills in real time.
  • Workbooks and scripts. You will be given the same workbooks I share with my private clients to help them utilize the information I teach. And some sales scripts to help you when you want to sell, persuade or market your products and services.
  • You will get a Certificate in public speaking from The Speech Masters Academy. The Speech Masters Academy is the leading public speaking school in Nigeria that trains and empowers professional speakers.
  • Light Refreshment to keep you strong and active during the 5 hours intensive sessions. We will give you a little treat so you can maximize your time at the training ground.
  • 100% Money-Back-Guarantee IF at the end of the training, you realized we did not deliver on what we promised. You have nothing to lose. And everything to gain.

DrMiki helped me to overcome fear, boost confidence in presentation and set sales goals for our company. He is a good presentation coach – friendly and humble too. He always ensures that you’re satisfied with his class.


Investment for this workshop is N35,000. It covers for everything. No extra charges. No hidden charges too.

There’s a N10,000 discount if you’re one of the first 5 people to register for this month.



TIME: 9am -2pm Sat. | 1pm – 5pm Sun.

VENUE: Lagos (exact venue will be communicated to registrants)

Chat with DrMki on WhatsApp for further inquiries…


All of my life I find it very hard to stand and speak before people. In fact, I refused to even try. But after Dr. Miki’s public speaking class my self-confidence improved and I began doing the impossible.

Stacia Ebube



Extra Bonuses

When you register and attend the workshop, you will get this masterpiece on public speaking for free. This e-book sells at N3000. It will guide you from start to pro on what it takes to go from just communicating to becoming a highly respected subject matter expert in a short time.

One speech could be all it takes to go from oblivion to stardom. One speech could be all it takes to change your reputation. One speech could open doors to many business and relationship opportunities. One speech could give you an unfair advantage in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace. This case study contains time tested, proven and easily applicable principles for brewing the speech that can make you a name in the world.