The Ultimate Sales Presentation Boot Camp

How To Quickly and Easily Create POWERFUL Presentations That Close Your Sales – WITHOUT Using Old, Outdated Sales Methods In 3 days, you’ll get all my Proven SYSTEMS to creating and delivering HIGH CONVERTING sales presentations and BOOSTING your Sales Conversions in as Little as 10 Minutes… Even if you hate selling or making presentation!

Would You Like To Dramatically Improve Your Business Presentation & Sales Skills?

Attend The 3 Days Ultimate Sales Presentation Boot Camp where I will be showing you how to quickly & easily create and deliver persuasive business presentations… and help you master the art of selling on stage.

Let me walk you through everything I will be teaching you and helping you to accomplish in this Boot Camp:

Here’s what you will learn in this Boot Camp

Why this is important to you NOW: If you’re wondering if this is important or if you should attend this month’s session or next month’s… Listen to me…

Is this training right for you?
If you’re wondering whether this is right for you…

  • If you’ve found yourself in a business position that requires you to speak with clients or investors in order to convince them…
  • If you’re building a business and would like to develop the capacity to win more investments, land new deals or simply influence and convince more people to do business with you…
  • If you’re a career professional or salesperson in your company (or you’re planning to be) and you’re not satisfied with your performance, and in fact, you want to refresh your knowledge – relearn, unlearn and grow your skills better.
  • If you’d like to be able to turn every presentation into an opportunity to bring in more customers for your company…
  • Most importantly, if you want to develop the all-important skill of communicating eloquently, influencing people, and persuading them without being a jerk –

Then this Boot Camp is perfectly for you.  

What you will benefit from this workshop: At the end of this Boot Camp this is exactly what you should expect –

AND I will be given you these tools to help you create your own presentation…

As you can see, this is a value loaded workshop. It’s a 360 degree approach to grooming you and your team for better results.

The Investment

Before we talk about how much you would need to invest in this Boot Camp, let’s review the value of what you will getting from me —

I typically charge my clients N90,000 to teach them half of what you will learning in the Boot Camp for a period of 6 hours. The Boot Camp lasts for 3 days (it’s a full program) so that would be a total of N270,000.

The Templates, Scripts and workbooks I will be sharing with you are valued at N55,000. They are the practical guide that makes getting the job done very easy. Our focus is on result not just teaching.  

The videos I will be sharing with you are valued at N48,000. These videos present examples that are worth following and so are in high demand.

Your lunch for 3 days, welfare and other logistics would cost us something from N15,000 per head.

So the Total cost for this program would have been something like N388,000


I am not going to charge N388,000. In fact, I will not even charge 200,000, which would have been fair if I do.

We want many business people to be able to afford this program so I am going to be opening up the investment fee at N120,000 for this coming session. The price will very likely go up once we run the program a couple of times this year.  

With N120,000 you will have access into the 3 days live program and all the materials and resources that comes with it. No additional charges. No extra fees.

Do you prefer to learn online due to distance or to reduce cost? Click here to enroll for the monthly online mentorship.


My team and I are putting in our best efforts into making this program a life changing experience for you. You will learn, you will advance and you will gain clarity. BUT if for any reason you stayed through the training and you think the program was a waste of your time, you will be refunded N105,000 and you can keep all the materials.

Why N105,000?

Because this is not an empty promise for promise sake. We intend to keep our word. The 15,000 we will be taking is the cost of logistics for 3 days per head. It must have been spent before the program commence and cannot be recovered.

We are confident that you will not regret investing in this program. But if you do, we are prepared to compensate you for that.

You will be directed to an application form. Fill the form quickly. You will get a brief call from a member of my team just to confirm some key information & address any concern you may have.


Lagos State, Nigeria. The exact location will be communicated to those who registered. It’s a 3 days program. Apply

JULY Thurs. 4- Saturday 6 APPLY

AUGUST Thurs. 1- Saturday 3rd  APPLY

SEPTEMBER Thurs. 5th – Saturday 7th APPLY

A group of 3 persons and above would receive 10% discount from their total investment. Contact me here for any other concerns.

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