Refine your presentation & public speaking skills

People who have fear of public speaking make about 10% less, on average, than those who don’t. Public speaking can have significant impact on your career.

— Dr. Miki

The fear of public speaking makes it more difficult to be promoted to a management position. Top business management position requires the ability to communicate.

— Dr. Miki

“If I went back to college again, I'd concentrate on two areas: learning to write and to speak before an audience. Nothing in life is more important than the ability to communicate effectively.”
Gerald R. Ford
Ex Pres. USA
As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”
Bill Gates

Poor communication can lead to lack of team cohesion, unclear messaging, wasted time and resources, damaged relationships, low employee morale, higher turnover rates, lost revenue...

— Dr. Miki

One of the factors that affect how much you earn in today’s age, is your ability to communicate -- sell or close deals.

— Dr. Miki

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