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Flee, Dodge or Hide!

What have you been doing to avoid giving presentation?

Some people will pretend to be sick.

Some will avoid any scenario that will lead to someone asking them to make a public presentation.

Some avoid jobs or positions that require any public presentation.

Some will go as far as paying someone else to take care of that for them.

Some people confided in me that they used to dodge the opportunity to speak in public, “I’m very busy right now… Maybe some other time” or “I can’t make it to the event, I have another appointment that day.”

The fear of public speaking has cost a lot of people their promotions.

According to a fear of public speaking can have a significant impact on your career given that those who have it make about 10% less, on average, than those who don’t. And that makes sense when you consider just how pervasive presentations are—from the boardroom to the pitch room to meetings, nearly every industry involves some form of speaking in front of a group.

People have also lost many great chances and opportunities because they’re so scared to get up on stage and deliver a speech.

Some people have lost valuable relationships because they lack the power to connect through speech.

What’s worse—some people have destroyed their chances because they gave terrible speeches at crucial occasions.

Whether it’s the fear to get on stage or the fear that you’re not good with selling your ideas or expressing your thoughts eloquently on stage – the fears and possible consequences are real and often disastrous.

Presentation skills are critical to your success at work and happiness in life generally.

The information age feeds and thrives on communication.

Your livelihood today largely depends on your ability to sell your ideas quickly, inspire people boldly and participate actively as an authority in your industry.

Poor presentation skill means you will end up creating products or services you cannot sell. It is the #1 reason why very talented people often end up broke.   

What’s the use of having ideas you cannot express? In the heat of competition, they’ll be rejected because they are not considered compelling enough.

It means a leader would have to find other means of getting corporation since she’s NOT able to inspire her team or motivate them to follow her leadership. Maybe she’ll try threat, coercion or cash incentives, which by the way, does not last.

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“Words have incredible power.
They can make people’s hearts soar,
or they can make people’s hearts sore.”
-Dr. Mardy Grothe

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