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Stephen Michael

Stephen Michael is an executive coach for busy executives who're looking to master effective public speaking, sales and business presentation skills.

He’s the founder of Fordax Training Academy -- Lagos & Abuja.

He's the lead marketer at The Fordax Marketing Agency which provides marketing consulting services for small and medium businesses.

8 Primary Things My Coaching Sessions Can Help You Achieve

What you will learn from my coaching programs

What You Will Get

How Does It Work?

My coaching sessions are tailored to serve your needs. They are customized to address the challenges or goals you want to achieve.  


We discuss your challenges, goals and objectives. It could be done on the phone, in person or online.


I make recommendations on the programs that fit your needs. All recommendations are based on your needs.


We begin working with you. It could be a one-on-one. There will be opportunity for rehearsals and live presentations.

What people like you say about me

I endorse Stephen Michael. He has excellent experience in the field of Public Speaking and has shown strong knowledge and skill in this area. His interactions with both his students and other clients are very professional with integrity and respect. He adheres to the principles of Ethical guidelines set out in professional standard of practice. Overall, he is very competent and has helped me tremendously.
Business Consultant, Lagos
I would recommend DrMiki’s coaching because he provides straight-forward and practicable strategies to achieving desired results. Evidently he is very skilled and good at what he does and he understands how to use strategies that suit different needs for his coaching program. I enjoyed the flow and effortless manner in which Dr. Miki handled our coaching sessions.
CEO, Nocfra Solutions LTD, Lagos
DrMiki helped me to overcome fear, boost confidence in presentation and set sales goals for our company. He is a good presentation coach – friendly and humble too. He always ensures that you’re satisfied with his class. My entire sessions were fantastic. So I will recommend him.
COO, The Brand Activation Company, Lagos
Before now I was so afraid of public speaking. The training impacted positively on me so I am very impressed. I recommend this training because it impacted on my skills.
Gimba Shamssuddeen Ya'u, Managment
Assistant NDIC Abuja
My challenge was facing the public. The training taught me to avoid self judgment. I can now speak confidently. If you struggle with stage fright, Dr. Miki has the solution. He's an expert in this field. I would recommend his programs.
Rosemary Enang
FME Abuja
I used to feel apprehensive speaking in the crowed. I have joined so many classes and nothing worked for me. The public speaking training helped me to overcome stage fright. After the class I felt like I was brought out from the dark. It was a fascinating experience. Dr. Miki is the solution to any issues on public speaking. I recommend the program.
Mrs. Usman Rukaiya .K.
NDIC Abuja

Before I attended the public speaking and sales training, I had issues with my confidence level and I don’t feel like I know how to be able to sell on stage. Initially I had doubts about the training but after the training my confidence level has increased. My life has improved very well and I would recommend this training to others who want to improve their ability to speak or sell.

Chris Enaholo CFO

ProFinAd Nig. Ltd

My life is much better than before because I have somehow become more confident as a result of the training. The coaching experience with Stephen Michael is “worthwhile” He’s an excellent coach. I also recommend the training.

Adetunji Dawodu

Director/Admin., Lagos State Ministry of Justice

I wanted to improve my public speaking ability and learn how to close more sales. Now I understand better how to engage with a crowed or with individuals in a presentation. My confidence got better and I also got more ideas on how to make sales presentations. I recommend the program to others because of what I learned in it.

Kikelomo Asemota

ProFinAd Nig. Ltd

The training is very useful in addressing stage fright and lack of confidence. The training is also very interactive. I would recommend it to anybody that wants to be bold to address an audience.

Haroun Adebayo

Assitant Director, Lagos State Ministry of Justice

If you’d like me to represent your company or organization as your spokesperson or ambassador and help to deliver most of your presentations to prospects, please contact me.

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